Cupecoy Beach

By the Hills residence Vacations Rentals

Discover the beauty and tranquility of Cupecoy Beach while you stay at The Hills Residence Vacation Rentals Sint Maarten located just a few minutes away from this beautiful spot with clear waters and white sand beaches. It’s a perfect place to swim or sunbathe.

Located at the foot of ocher-colored cliffs, this beach offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and is a perfect spot to relax in peace and quiet. The sunsets here are breathtaking, making it an ideal place for romantic evening strolls or sunset picnics. With its secluded coves surrounded by lush vegetation, Cupecoy Beach is sure to be a highlight for any visit to the “Friendly Island”!

The beaches of Cupecoy are the final beaches on the Dutch side before reaching the border and heading north towards the partly French area. They are located at the base of stunning reddish-brown cliffs, with a variety of small beaches and coves alternating one after another. The atmosphere there is peaceful, and the sunsets are truly stunning. 

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