By the Hills residence Vacations Rentals

Java SXM, located on Grand Case Boulevard, offers an elegant wooden deck with turquoise and light pink colors, perfect for a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant offers comfortable lounge, beach, or restaurant seating, with a large open bar serving craft cocktails, including the Margarita al pastor and Java Signature. Have a stop in the beautiful establishment during your stay at The Hills Residence in Simpson Bay Sint Maarten.

The menu features Israeli chef Jonas Bismuth’s creative Mediterranean-Eastern menu, featuring traditional dishes like Babaganoush, Kefta, and Shakshouka, as well as bestselling fusion dishes like Lobster pasta with Creole/Mediterranean paste and Arais-Pita bread with ground beef dip. Java SXM also features music, with relaxing beach tunes during the day and an exceptional program during after-hours and dinner. DJs and live music create a festive atmosphere for everyone.

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