By the Hills residence Vacations Rentals

Friar’s Bay Beach Café is a hidden gem located on a wild road along the Guichard Pond, offering a stunning view of the turquoise bay and neighboring island of Anguilla. The family-friendly beach offers calm waters and a lagoon-like setting, perfect for relaxing on a sunbed and enjoying lunch. Make sure to enjoy this hidden gem while staying at The Hills Residence Vacation Rentals.

The menu at Friar’s Bay Beach Café combines French bistro-style cuisine with Caribbean specialties, making it an ideal spot for a cocktail and a tan. The restaurant offers a cozy terrace or intimate hut on the sand, and a shot of infused rum is a must-try. Friar’s Bay Beach Café is not just a restaurant; it also serves as a place for friends to meet for bocce ball or other games in the sandbox between dips in the ocean.

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