Surf in St Maarten

By the Hills Residence

Surf in blue water

Surfing is one of the best activities to do on the island is you really want to connect with the warm ocean and also meet a few locals. For your surprise, Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin also has the (almost) perfect conditions for surfing all year. With multiple surf spots around the island for all levels and types of breaks, there are usually very few people in the water, giving you all the freedom during the sets.

Some surf spots can only be reached by boat or a long hike, but one this is for sure, you’ll enjoy every second, because you’ll be surrounded by the island’s nature.

Depending on the swell and the wind, certain locations will be better than others throughout the year. For beginners the perfect time would be around spring and summer, and for more advanced surfers, hurricane season and winter are the preferable times.


This is one of the most difficult waves on the island, and we recommend it only to experienced riders. Its a right-hand wave that is created above a very shallow bottom over rocks and reef. It only happens when there is a strong North/ Northwestern swell.


Located on the northern part of the island, this spot mainly works during the wintertime as it requires North/ Northeastern swell. This spot is called Wilderness because it's really wild to access. Far from everything, you can access it by boat, or by hiking for 20 minutes. So don't forget to bring closed shoes! When the swell is on, the right-hand break creates a wall and is great for riders to do tricks and enjoy the wave. We recommend wearing surf shoes, as the waves breaks over coral which is full of sea urchins.

Mullet Bay

The same as Cupecoy and Plumb Bay, Mullet Bay only works when there is a strong North/ northwestern swell. This is usually more a spot for bodyboarders, but surfers are welcome to try the spot. But be aware if you do, the waves are very strong, and the chances are high you will break your board! We recommend this spot to experienced surfers only.


A North/North West swell is necessary for this spot, as it is located on the island's west coast in the Low Lands region. Beginners will love this lovely right-hand break because they can navigate the channel on the wave's left side and Returning to the lineup is very simple.

Galion Beach

It is the most reliable spot on Sint Maarten, and it is on the east coast of the island. This is because of its ideal orientation as an open window to the eastern swell, which allows you to surf there year-round. The wave has a completely harmless aspect because it breaks on a dead coral reef that is covered in seaweed. It really is the best place for beginners, as the majority of the lessons are taught here in the summer when the eastern swell is going in one direction constantly.

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