Snorkeling in Sint Maarten

By the Hills Residence

Explore Sint Maarten from Waterside

With the crystal blue waters of our lovely island, who wouldn’t want to go snorkeling and see what the island has to offer under water?

While you swim in the warm water, you’ll be able to see creatures such as, sea turtles, parrotfish, lionfish, angelfish, parrotfish and many others.

If you manage to get your own snorkeling gear you, can you to these following locations around the island…


On the Dutch side of the island of Sint Maarten, Cupecoy Beach is situated in the southwest. The border of the island separating the French side from the Dutch side is very close to Cupecoy beach, and it's concealed in a region bordered by limestone cliffs and also has many underwater caverns, where you'll also find colorful fish while snorkeling.

Pinel Island

On the French side of St. Martin, Pinel Island is situated northeast of Orient Bay off the coast. The island is a natural reserve that has a goal to help preserve as much as possible the islands marine life as its wildlife on the island. This makes Pinel one of the best places on the island to see the marine life and spend your afternoon in the water looking at the beautiful schools of fish and tropical corals.

Dawn Beach

On St. Maarten's eastern coast, facing the neighboring island of St. Barts, is Dawn Beach. Dawn Beach is a quiet area occupied by beach clubs, luxurious villas, expensive yachts and picturesque mountain landscapes inland. A few of the beach clubs offer services like refreshments, food, and beach chairs. This beach is ideal for relaxing and pleasurable snorkeling.

Creole Rock

On the northern French side of St. Martin, you will find the Creole Rock which is a tiny island that is located to the north of Grand Case. Because Creole Rock is so close to Grand Case, strong swimmers can swim there, but a boat excursion to Creole Rock is our advised option to stay safe.

Baie Rouge

On the Lowlands region, on the northwest coast, on the French side of Saint Martin, you can find Baie Rouge and David's Hole. David's Hole is a breathtaking sight that can be accessed through Baie Rouge. The beach is called Red Bay as it used to have sand with pink tinted colored sand.

Orient Bay

The orient bay islands are located on the eastern side of the island and are multiple little unpopulated islands that can only be accessed swimming, by jet ski or boat. The islands are Tintamarre, Caye Verte and Petite Clef. Tintamarre island is a little farther away from the coast than Caye Verte and Petite Clef. Depending on the sea and weather conditions, the trip from Orient Bay to Tintamarre take around 25 m.

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