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Experience the thrill of skydiving while staying at the Hills Residence in Sint Maarten and take in the breathtaking views of lush foliage and stunning beaches!

Leaving from St. Martin’s Grand Case Airport, take in the breathtaking experience of skydiving in this idyllic location and take in the Caribbean islands from a fresh vantage point. Experience a breathtaking view of stunning beaches and crystal-clear lagoons where the Caribbean Sea and the sky meet in a unique way.

When you jump free fall, from around 3000 meters (10,000 feet) over the Caribbean Sea, at a speed of over 200km/h (125 mph), Your body will be filled with adrenaline, and you’ll have the best sensations ever!

When you jump over Grand Case, you have multiple options for filming and photos. The prices of skydiving tour may vary depending on what you choose. you can either jump with a camera in you instructors (the person you will be attached too) hand or have another parachutist that will jump alongside you to capture the moment.

You can have a full 360° video + pictures, or a normal video + pictures, or just pictures, or just videos… you choose!

Our Skydiving Advices

We advise you to wear something comfortable and stretchy, and sports shoes. Goggles will be provided for you on the spot. After taking off, the instructor will remind you of every safety step before opening the doors to jump. While flying you can enjoy the above view of Tintamarre, Pinel Island, Orient Bay and other paces of the island.

Children under 12 are not allowed to jump, and minors need the authorization of both parents. Weather conditions may not be optimal on certain days, but we still advise you to reserve a few weeks in advance to be sure you have your spot. If it does happen, and the weather isn’t suitable for jumping, they will get in touch with you to reschedule as fast as possible, so usually to the next day, or whenever the weather is adequate for jumping once again.

Grand Case skydiving area is approximately a 30/45-minute drive from The Hills Residence, depending on traffic.

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