Oh My Goddess!

Clothing for everyone at the Hills Residence

Oh My Goddess! has been lovingly designed by Michele and Karla, a Canadian mother/daughter duo who fell totally in love with the Caribbean and the magnificent beauty and strength of its women. They choose the Hills residence to install their beautiful shop. Both are passionate about inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to fall in love with their bodies and encouraging them to find within, the light that they came to this Earth to be.

Cotton featured for clean lines

For too long, women have held themselves to a beauty standard that simply doesn’t fit with the true beauty that shines from within. We believe all deserve to be celebrated in clothing that makes one feel like a goddess! And so our vision and purpose is to provide women with a quality garment made of 100% fine cotton gauze, light and soft and Eco-friendly, created by women in Mexico in fair and equitable conditions.

An unique and eco-responsible collection

In a world that is focused on “fast fashion”, mass produced low-cost high fashion trends, our garments are part of the “slow-fashion” movement focusing on the quality of garments over quantity, and favoring classic styles over fleeting trends. They are timeless and classy, manufactured specifically to our needs, and therefore minimize adding waste to the environment.
Oh My Goddess! was incorporated in 2019 and is located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, right in the heart of Philipsburg on the historic Old Street. With the ocean almost at our feet, we deeply feel the colors and rhythms of the islands and the sea and have attempted to represent as many of them in the colors of our garments and our jewelry. We invite you to come and share the magic with us.

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