Golf in SXM

By the Hills Residence Vacation Rentals

Play Golf at the beach

Have a blast playing golf in Sint Maarten during your stay at The Hills Residence, Simpson Bay Sint Maarten – an unforgettable experience!

With only one golf course on the island, it is located around the lagoon and near Mullet Bay and attracts many locals who play regularly. If you are a golf fanatic or want to practice during your stay, you will fall in love with the scenery of the course. A part of the course is alongside the beautiful lagoon on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten, and another part of the course is right in front of Mullet Bay beach.

Where to Play Golf ?

Golf carts, club and accessories can be rented directly on the spot or can be reserved in advance.

If you are a beginner or you would like to take your first lesson, we advise you to contact the Golf Club beforehand to explain your situation, and to make sure they have an instructor available during your stay.

The Gold Club is approximately a 15-minute drive from The Hills residence. Being a perfect end of the day activity is you are looking to get some air.

If your partner or friend prefers to relax instead of keeping you company while you play, they can always settle at Kalatua for a few hours, relaxing on the beach waiting for you to finish the course.

But if you are planning on playing with your partner or friends, you can always take a break at hole 19 to get a cocktail or a snack at Kalatua. Or if you prefer to finish your game first, you can always come back to watch the sunset and have a drink after.

The Golf is also near Cupcoy and Jordan Village, where you can find multiple restaurants for lunch and for dinner, as also supermarkets and other shops.

Porto Cupecoy on the other hand, has docks with beautiful boats, and a direct view on the lagoon. Giving it an extra charm.

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