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A new way to Exercise!

After many years spent in Brazil refining the Eletrolife concept, Rafaël chose The hills Residence to set up in Saint Martin and let us enjoy his “new generation” sport. He receives us in his gym with modern equipment suitable for all ages and all body types.

The craze for Eletrolife is a reflection of its benefits: spectacular! So, if you still doubt it, here is something to answer the most skeptical among you. You may even be surprised how effective this fitness 2.0 is.


A 20-minute workout equals more than 1 hour of physical exercise.

Through the use of electrostimulation, it is possible for the person to work up to 350 muscles, having a very high performance, time equivalent to 90 and 120 minutes of a conventional workout. With two weekly sessions, at the end of the month, it is already possible to see expressive results

Many benefits for your body.

The training of EletroLife, tones the body, improves the appearance of the skin and physical strength, with this, provides the increase of muscle mass and the decrease of body fat, causing gradually the cellulites to go away. But not only !!! Discover all the benefits of Eletrolife.
1. To improve strength
2. To increase muscle mass
3. To gain tone
4. To prevent injury
5. To relieve aches

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