Diving in SXM

By the Hills Residence Vacation Rentals

Explore Sint Maarten Underwater

Explore the vibrant marine life of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin when you stay at the Hills Residence and take a dive into its depths!

Discover the breathtaking underwater universe surrounding Sint Maarten / Saint Martin. If you are an ocean lover and want to have some lifechanging moments with friends, family or even alone, while being 12 meters under water, this is the activity for you.

Even if this is your first-time diving, or if you already have your PADI certification, there are enough locations around the island adapted to each different level and desires of each person. You can choose to go to a shipwreck, or just see the beautiful tropical corals, or even go shark diving! The possibilities are endless.

If you are diving for the first time, no need to worry, the instructor will explain everything to you, and you will have the possibility to train and try out the equipment in a swimming pool beforehand, so that you can get familiar with using the equipment, and the instructor can teach you all the safety procedures.

What to Expect in Diving?

Across the south and southeastern coast of the island, there are over 35 diving sites with beautiful coral reefs, wrecks and a very colorful underwater life. Sint Maarten / Saint Marten is the home to a vast number of marine lives, including 700 species of reef fish, sharks, turtles, rays, lobsters, clams and crabs. It is also an important migratory path for both whales and dolphins.

The water temperatures are between 26-29°C (79-85F) in the summer and 22-24°C (72-75F) in the winter, and visibility goes up to 30 meters which is about 100 ft. The Depth of the diving site are usually pretty shallow, around 18 meters which is 60 ft.

During your stay at The Hills residence, you can also do the whole PADI open water course with one of our partners. The most popular diving course in the world and the first requirement for certification in scuba diving is the Open Water Diver. Before your in-water training, which consists of pool lessons and four ocean dives, you first finish the online course on your own time. You will learn the fundamental abilities needed to begin your diving career as well as everything else you require to use scuba to explore the underwater world. It will take you three half days (mornings or afternoons) to complete this course and receive your certification.

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