The Top 7 beaches of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin
will make you fall in love with our Friendly Island.

Mullet Bay

Known for its crystal blue and calm waters and white sand, this beach is ideal to go snorkeling, paddle boarding or simply to go swimming and enjoy the warm water. You will find a few local beach restaurants, where you can get a taste of the real Caribbean cuisine. Or if you prefer something more luxurious you can go to the newly opened beach restaurant Kalatua.

beaches sint maarten the hills residence


This beach is internationally known, due to its proximity to the runway of Princess Juliana airport. You can watch the planes land over your head and experience the blast of air while a Boeing prepares to take off.
You can also enjoy the view while having a beer at one of the beach bars that surround Maho beach.

Long Bay

One of the longest white sand beaches of the island, Baie Longue is only accessible through the La Samana hotel or by entering the Terre Basses residence. This is why the beach is usually not crowded, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere for the hotel guests at La Samana.

This beach also has one of the clearest crystal blue waters of the island, being a must-see spot for the boat charters while going around the island.

Orient Bay

Also known as the Saint -Tropez of the Caribbean, this beautiful beach is located on the north-west side of the island, and is very popular among the locals and tourists, due to the many beach restaurants, and water sports activities, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, foiling, jet skiing and many others.
This is the spot to go to if you want to eat well and spend the day with your feet in the water while trying new sports.


The beach is alongside the fishing village and is very known for its restaurants, beach clubs, and cute wooden houses. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy the calm water while spending the afternoon in a beach restaurant. The view is also particularly amazing, as you can see Anguilla, the neighbor island.

Happy Bay

One of the only beaches on the island where you are 100% connected to nature. A breathtaking beach, surrounded by palm trees, white sand and crystal-clear calm waters.
This is the spot to go to, to disconnect from the crowds and relax under an umbrella.
The beach is usually very calm, as you need to walk along a trail and there is no direct access by car to get there, by making this beach even more special, by keeping its natural aspect preserved.

Great Bay

Great Bay Beach and the well-known boardwalk that runs alongside it are located in Philipsburg, the capital of St. Maarten. Great Bay Beach gives St. Maarten the distinction of being the only capital city on a beach in the entire world!
Great Bay Beach is one of St. Maarten/St. Martin’s busiest and most cosmopolitan beaches as a result of this combination. The beach offers opportunities for a day at the shore, water activities, and wonderful lunch spots. Both can be combined with Frontstreet’s fantastic retail options.